Beijing Surgerii Robotics Company Limited

Beijing Surgerii Robotics Company Limited (abbreviated as Surgerii Robotics) was founded by Dr. Kai Xu, a full professor from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, based on the university’s technology transfer policy. It aims to become a global high-tech medical device enterprise dedicated to the research and development, production, and commercialization of minimally invasive laparoscopic surgical robotic systems and accessory products worldwide. Surgerii Robotics has its headquarters and a manufacturing hub in Beijing and an innovation center in Shanghai.

Surgerii Robotics has independently developed an entire spectrum of key technologies for laparoscopic surgical robots. By the end of March 2024, nearly 600 patent applications had been filed on the company’s behalf, building a comprehensive intellectual property holding. As the leading company producing newer generation laparoscopic surgical robots, Surgerii Robotics has received sizeable investments from well-known investment institutions, including the Shunwei Capital, SDIC Fund, Tianfeng Capital, Loyal Valley Capital, Hyfinity Investments, Medtronic, and Shanghai Healthcare Capital.

After nearly 20 years of dedicated research and development of key technologies for single-port robotic surgical systems, Professor Xu led Surgerii Robotics to produce a revolutionary single-port surgical robotic system. With the innovation of the “dual continuum mechanism”, the system is equipped with nitinol snake-like surgical instruments for single-port procedures. This surgical robotic system was approved by the National Medical Products Administration of China, making it the first single-port surgical robot approved for use in both urology and gynecology surgery in China. As of April 2024, Surgerii Robotics has completed clinical trials in general surgery and thoracic surgery, and more applications will be explored in the future.

Surgerii Robotics’ single-port surgical robot is an innovative technology that has various advantages, such as a wide range of motion, high payload capacity, and high reliability. It enables high surgical precision while reducing invasiveness.

Surgerii Robotics places great value on global strategies. With the mission of “Innovating surgery for better care”, Surgerii Robotics endeavors to bring designed-in-China surgical robots to the global stage. Surgerii Robotics aims to not only to become a global pioneer in technology and leader in the field of robotic surgery but to also meet the growing demand for high-quality medical treatment to improve overall human health.

Building a Comprehensive Intellectual Property Holding

Surgerii Robotics has established a comprehensive intellectual property holding. The company has filed nearly 600 patents and applications worldwide, covering China, the United States, Europe, Canada, Japan, and South Korea.

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Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences  

"Important Medical Advances in China for 2023"

Ernst & Young Fudan Most

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Company History

2004 Dr. Kai Xu participated in the research of a surgical robot for laryngeal minimally invasive surgery at Columbia University.


2007 Dr. Kai Xu served as the chief designer for the world’s first single-port laparoscopic minimally invasive surgical robot.


2009 The world's first single-port laparoscopic minimally invasive surgical robot, the IREP system, was successfully developed.


2010 Dr. Kai Xu joined Shanghai Jiao Tong University as a professor to continue his research on surgical robots in China.


2013 Professor Kai Xu made a breakthrough by designing the novel “dual continuum mechanism”.


2014 The single-port laparoscopic robot named the SJTU Unfoldable Robotic System (SURS) was designed, surpassing the IREP’s performance.


2016 Professor Kai Xu completed the tech transfer procedure so as to use Beijing Surgerii Robotics Co., Ltd to commercialize a newer generation of laparoscopic surgical robots.


2017 Beijing Surgerii Robotics Co., Ltd received the angel round investment with the headquarter set in Beijing and an innovation center in Shanghai.


2018 The first laparoscopic surgical robot from Beijing Surgerii Robotics Co., Ltd debuted at the National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week.


2019 The SHURUI modular robotic platform was exhibited at the “World Robot Conference”.


2020 The SHURUI single-port surgical robot has become the first single-port surgical robot that has passed the special examination procedure of innovative medical devices in China.


2021 Professor Kai Xu reported to the Chinese Premier about the progress of the key technologies of the SHURUI single-port surgical robot.


2021 Beijing Surgerii Robotics Co., Ltd received the Series B investment from SDIC and Shunwei Capital, and the Series B+ investment from Medtronic.


2022 The SHURUI single-port surgical robot accomplished the world's first randomized controlled multi-institutional clinical trial on single-port robotic urological surgery.


2022 Beijing Surgerii Robotics Co., Ltd received the Series C investment led by Shanghai Healthcare Capital.


2023 Beijing Surgerii Robotics Co., Ltd received the Series C+ investment led by Loyal Valley Capital; SHURUI single-port surgical robot has been cleared by NMPA, becoming the first approved endoscopic single-port surgical system in China.


2024 The SHURUI single-port surgical robot became the first single-port surgical robot in China that can be applied to single-port surgery of multiple surgical specialties.

Investment and Industry Partners

Shunwei CapitalSDIC FundTianfeng CapitalLoyal Valley CapitalHyfinity Investments






MedtronicShanghai Healthcare CapitalV Star CapitalDNV CapitalCD Capital



Important Notes

The Single-port Endoscopic Surgical System (SR-ENS-600), developed and produced by Beijing Surgerii Robotics Company Limited, has been approved by the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) in China for urology and gynecology laparoscopic surgeries. Surgeons who wish to learn the surgical operations of the SHURUI robot should contact Beijing Surgerii Robotics Co., Ltd. to participate in the official training program. Patients who want to participate in the registered clinical trials of the SHURUI robot should contact the official cooperative hospitals of Surgerii and consult with surgeons to determine their suitability for surgery with the SHURUI robot. Both surgeons and patients should carefully understand all information regarding the performance of surgeries by the SHURUI robot and its potential risks.

Beijing Surgerii Robotics Co., Ltd. owns Surgerii®, SHURUI®, and other trademarks and may not be used without permission.